Online Store + Social Media Integration


We were engaged by AmericanString to develop, deploy and manage their primary e-commerce site.  This included scores of SKUs, FAQs, Shopping Cart, Product Reviews, E-mail Campaigns, and integration with the AmericanString social media sites.

Product Line Web Site + Logo

K&R Digital

We were engaged to develop a web site and a logo for a new product line.  The purpose was to leverage the existing brand and the goodwill of a 35-year-old family business into a new line of business in the industry.

Brand Concept + CPG


We were engaged to develop a premium brand for a world-wide instrument string manufacturer.  Our relationship involved the creation of the AmericanString brand, market positioning, as well as the design, development and production of the packaging for scores of SKUs, print ads, etc.  It was critical that the brand  be relevant across many different genre of music and to many different types of players/musicians.

Corporate Image + Logo


We were engaged to develop a corporate image for a private equity and consulting firm that was looking for a brand and logo that expressed its bold vision and intrepid spirit.  The purpose was to exude integrity and strength that could inspire team members and external stakeholders alike.